i) … of lawyers is aware of the difficulties that many members of our community have in accessing the justice system to solve their legal problems. As lawyers, we are in a unique and privileged position to provide legal aid. It is for this reason that we have committed ourselves to offer a service of quality for free, dedicating to these causes hours and even years of work.

ii) … is especially committed to offer free services to persons or entities with limited resources who could not access the legal assistance services offered by our firm for a fee. We do not reserve the Pro Bono service to any specific group or area of practice, but rather we try to assess the need and the effective possibility of an efficient defense of the interests of the favored.

iii) … has established a protocol of selection and subsequent election of the matters to defend Pro Bono, always starting the process by applying through the form found on this site. The mere request does not imply the case has been chosen it can be dismissed at any time of the selection process at the free discretion of our firm.

iv) … does not assume any commitment by receiving the data and application for the Pro Bono assistance. The choice of the case is only effective after signing a written Pro Bono service agreement between the favored and our office, which will explicitly include the rules of action and circumstances of the relationship and the services delivery.

v) … offers the Pro Bono favored the same quality of service that we strive to provide each customer. All of it without cost, but giving the favoured person what would have been the real fees for the services that were provided, just for the awareness of the attention that has been offered to him. The services rendered by third professionals outside our services as lawyers are expressly excluded from free care, even if they are necessary to carry out the judicial action taken; Such as Process Servers, Notaries, Experts, Registrars, and any other of similar nature. These costs, provided they are foreseeable, will be communicated to the recipient, for their knowledge and assumption, before the signing of the Pro Bono service agreement.

vi) … will be authorized by the Pro Bono favored, to publicize the relevant facts in order to make public the free service provided and how it has been done, allowing the use of his identity for these purpose.